Booking the sale fares on a phone or tablet

The reason that the sale is not available on mobile devices is because the site actually has two different booking engines and the desktop booking engine is the only one that supports the promotional offers. This is also the case of the Virgin Red 20% discounts.

Depending on your device you will either be sent to the desktop booking engine or the mobile booking engine. All phones should be sent to the mobile booking engine, but results vary for tablets.

The VTEC Sale

After a few technical issues this morning the VTEC seat sale is now live. This is the first sale performed by Virgin Trains East Coast and is similar to those previously offered by East Coast. Fares start at £10 for London - Leeds or York in standard class.

Nectar - don't do it!

Nectar - don't do it!

If you have some points remaining that you don't know how to use you may be thinking of converting them to Nectar so they don't entirely go to waste.

If you're thinking about this, please consider the following:

How easy to use is a loyalty scheme?

How easy is your loyalty scheme?

One of the reasons they claimed Nectar was introduced was the popularity of the scheme, apparently more people are Nectar card holders than any other scheme in the UK. Of course it doesn't tell you how many people are actually engaged with the scheme or whether it's people who just take the card because they were using those retailers anyway and even a small reward is 'better than nothing'.

Now let's compare how easy each scheme is to use when purchasing train tickets.


Our No to Nectar site has mentioned before the excellent deal the ticket booking site has with Tesco Clubcard, the deal is £2.50 of Clubcard points is worth £5 when booking rail travel through their site. The only drawback is the £1 booking fee so we only advice booking there when you have Tesco vouchers to redeem.


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