Why we're doing the #BetterRewards May giveaway

There's a few reasons why we decided to do the #BetterRewards May giveaway. The first was to help draw attention to the new East Coast Rewards points calculator - if you enter your average monthly or annual spend on rail travel it calculates what rewards you would have earned as well as the equivalent value you'd get with Nectar over the course of the first year of Virgin Trains East Coast. Even if you were never a rewards member why not give it a go and see what you missed out on!

Embrace your critics

When Save East Coast Rewards started we were quite hostile towards Virgin Trains East Coast (VTEC), we thought scrapping East Coast Rewards was just the first in a long line of cuts but unlike other rail operators they decided to directly engage with their critics rather than pretending they don't exist.

A look at the VTEC Azuma

I was quite surprised to be invited to an event hosted by Virgin Trains East Coast on Friday 18th March. It was going to be a major event as the invite mentioned Virgin Trains East Coast's MD David Horne and Richard Branson would be present. It also turned out that Stagecoach owner Brian Souter was present as well as representatives from Hitachi, the UK Government and many members of the press both from the UK and Japan.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Sorry for the lack of updates but I (^DH) had my laptop and phone stolen at the beginning of the month and the other person with access to the site (^EM) has been on holiday. This has meant things such as updating the site had been delayed. We announced the winner on Twitter of the competition as @pjdscott and we plan to run yet another competition by the end of the month.

Earn Tesco Clubcard points at M&S

If you shop at Tesco you may be aware of the long running promotion where you earn 150 Clubcard points on every £50 worth of giftcards purchased instore or online. This includes all third party giftcards (i.e. those for retailers that are not Tesco), Tesco's own giftcards don't count as you earn the Clubcard points when you redeem them.


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