WiFi for £1.30

Most of you know you can get WiFi for free if you book direct on virgintrainseastcoast.com but if you have to book tickets through a different site for work or someone else bought your tickets it's possible you don't have a WiFi code. Add to that the fact that the new VTEC website is incomplete and is missing features such as bike reservations and catering vouchers there's a number of reasons why you might want to book elsewhere.

Why I want the best for East Coast

I first started regularly travelling GNER in 1999. They were the first operator on the East Coast Mainline to take over from British Rail and they were the company that gave me my love of rail travel and the appreciation of the East Coast Mainline offering a much more special service than you'd get elsewhere.

Even though I travelled exclusively in standard class at the time GNER still seemed special. It was the people who made (and still make) the service special. 

WebTIS - the last gift from GNER

Virgin Trains East Coast (VTEC) plan to replace the booking engine used on their website on 1st August 2017 replacing WebTIS which was launched back in 2007.

On 29th November 2007 the operator of the East Coast Mainline at the time, GNER, launched a brand new website and booking engine which was a significant improvement over other booking engines at the time which were all just based on thetrainline. The website didn't last long in GNER colours, National Express East Coast took over the franchise on 9th December so the site lasted under two weeks under the GNER brand.

Rip off customers and annoy Londoners

One of the new features of the beta Virgin Trains East Coast booking engine is the ability to purchase London Travelcard when your destination is London. If you're not familiar with public transport in London you might think this is a good idea and an useful convenience, but in reality you're being ripped off and also make things slower for others if using the station at peak times.

Why not offer e-tickets?

The new Virgin Trains East Coast booking engine (currently in beta) will bring back the ability to purchase mobile tickets (m-tickets), a feature removed from the old site after a number of problems with the old 'Ticket Wallet' app but now m-tickets have had their time and should be replaced by e-tickets which are much more flexible.

Dockless cycle hire

You most likely have heard of Santander Cycles although you may know then as Boris Bikes or even Barclays Bikes after the previous sponsor. They're probably the most well known on-demand cycle hire scheme in the UK although other cities are certainly catching up. The scheme is based around a network of docking stations in central London, you have to return the bikes to a free space in one of the docks when finished with them.


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