Love VTEC? Hate Nectar!

There's quite a few variances within our team, never mind within our larger group of supporters. We all agree the East Coast Rewards was far superior to Nectar and that it was a big mistake signing a contract with Nectar without consulting their passengers. Even if rewards couldn't continue in its current form they could have modified the scheme to fit their needs.

The oddity of seat reservations

A lot of people get frustrated when they pay a few hundred pounds for their rail ticket only to find out they haven't got a seat. Understanably so (particularly as on a plane everyone has to be allocated a seat) but there are reasons for this. It can be even more annoying when you realise someone who paid just £5 for their ticket in a sale is guaranteed a seat.

Triple points and the misleading advertising

UPDATE: it has been confirmed that Virgin Trains East Coast will happily credit any missing points caused by people booking on the wrong site. As usual we'll be monitoring Twitter to see if anyone has any issues.

We've already written about the triple points Nectar promotion, however for those who've heard of the promotion direct through Nectar (either by direct email, online or through their app) there's a chance that people will earn zero points rather than triple points.

What makes a loyalty scheme great - impulse and flexibility

One of the troubles with Nectar is there's no 'exciting' rewards, all points do is to give you money off stuff. Decent loyalty schemes allow you to redeem a number of points for a particular benefit. For example East Coast Rewards let you redeem 255 points for a standard class trip anywhere served by East Coast. This reward would be worth a lot more than approximately £2.50 that a similar spend would get you with Nectar.

A look at the festive catering

This is a quick look at the festive catering on Virgin Trains East Coast. Prior to Christmas Eve there were some festive changes to the menus but the offering would still be of the style expected for the particular train (e.g. the Evening Meal menu on certain departures from Kings Cross).

New Year, No Food

Today, Monday 4th January 2016, is a bank holiday in Scotland and not England this is because Scotland get two days off for New Year and as the 2nd was on a Saturday it was carried forward to the Monday.

As it's not a holiday in England today will be the first day in the office for many people in 2016. Those travelling to work on Virgin Trains East Coast this morning in first class were probably looking forward to their complimentary breakfast.

30% off East Coast advance fares

Virgin Trains East Coast are offering 30% off advance fares through a promotion callled 'Flirty 30'. If you didn't receive the email about it I've provided all the details needed here.

Key points

There's a number of major dates excluded from this promotion. Excluded travel dates are 19 December 2015 to 3 January 2016 inclusive, 12 to 21 February 2016 inclusive and 24 to 28 March 2016 inclusive. If you're not seeing the discount this could be the reason why.


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