Virgin Trains East Coast regularly send out promotional codes particularly to those who they've noticed are starting to book fewer trains. The current system seems to be regular users are taken for granted but occasional customers are being given incentives to come back. Under East Coast regular customers were rewarded with a loyalty scheme that gave them free travel and other benefits, these days loyalty seems neglected.

What we're doing

We're sharing. If we find a promo code, we'll share it here, if you find a promo code then share via direct message on Twitter and we'll post it here if it offers something new.

Sale fares

Also check to see if there's a sale on, if there's availability sale fares are usually cheaper than fares booked vith a promo code.

Current offer - 30% off Virgin Trains East Coast advance tickets

  1. Due to a bug with the promo code system you may not see the discounted fares if you're logged in, therefore ensure you're logged out of before proceeding
  2. Go to the promotion landing page
  3. Enter your email address and the promo code which is currently: plans1208
  4. If the promo code no longer works let us know and we'll see if we have an updated one
  5. After selecting the tickets you want you can sign back into the website
  6. Note: this should work on the mobile site but it's probably easier on the desktop site


  1. We don't know the expiry date for this promo code
  2. The official rules for this offer are here
  3. If you weren't targeted for this offer there's a chance it may not work for you, but it's worked with everyone so far