It's VTEC sale time

The current Virgin Trains East Coast sale officially launched at 10am on 12th July 2017. However, some publications had published the details a little too early so we were able to show it to you in advance. In future this page will list other sales on the east coast as soon as we're aware of them.

This sale is for first class only for journeys exclusively on Virgin Trains East Coast (no connections).

Example fares include:

  • London to Yorkshire (Doncaster, Wakefield, Leeds, York) - £20 each way
  • London to the North East (Darlington, Durham, Newcastle, Berwick) - £30 each way
  • London to central Scotland (Dunbar, Edinburgh, Glasgow) - £40 each way
  • Newcastle to Edinburgh - £20 each way
  • The sale does not include destinations north of Edinburgh (BOO!), destinations were direct service is limited (e.g. Hull, Lincoln, Harrogate) will not have much availability

Other combinations of destinations are available, the cheapest fare in this offer appears to be £20 and the most expensive £40 each way. Tickets are available for travel between 22 July and 22 September 2017.



  • Check availability now and book as soon as you can as availability is limited
  • The sale fares are only valid for journeys entirely on Virgin Trains East Coast, if you need a connection to another operator try booking these separately
  • This is for Virgin Trains East Coast only. Virgin Trains West Coast had a sale which ended on 11 July 2017
  • Tickets are only available for the sale period between 22 July and 22 September
  • Have fun, enjoy the East Coast. Don't forget cycle reservations are also available free of charge!
  • Add some catering vouchers to your basket if travelling weekends (as alcohol is only included weekdays) to try the Hop on Board ale
  • Offer ends midnight 15 July 2017 - but with fares as low as this the best times will soon be sold out.
  • Sale tickets not available between 24-28 August 2017

Not for you?

If this sale doesn't suit you then never fear, we always have our eyes on the best East Coast offers whether they're on Virgin Trains East Coast, Grand Central or Hull Trains. Follow us on Twitter for the best offers and feel free to DM us if you need help getting the best deal. We have a page listing current promo codes for journeys on Virgin Trains East Coast.