East Coast Rewards closed on 28 February so it's no longer possible to refer a friend. This information is kept for reference only.

It may seem to be a bit late to recommend a friend to East Coast rewards considering it comes to a close on the 28th February but the nice thing about East Coast Rewards is only a small spend can get you benefits when travelling with East Coast.

All you need is 50 points for WiFi access (only needed in standard class as it's free in first) or 50 points for first class lounge access (valid on any ticket). Your friend will get 100 bonus points when they purchase their first ticket as well as you getting 40 points for referring them.

How do I do this?

Since the announcement that East Coast Rewards is closing the refer a friend link is now missing from the main rewards page. However, the page is still active and you can access it by clicking here (log into eastcoast.co.uk first or the link may not work), if you're having problems with the link then try searching for 'friend' on the East Coast website.

Don't know anyone to refer you?

If you don't know anyone to refer you but would like to be referred to earn the 100 bonus points then send me a direct message via Twitter and I'll see what I can do (I'm not sure if the number of referrals is capped).