The first official day of ScotRail's Inter7City service was Monday 17 October although they had done a press run the previous week.

I decided it was worth a look, although I was in Newcastle on Sunday I had already booked my train back to London on the Sunday evening and ^JC had arranged for a case of Hop on Board ale to be loaded for me to take home so I had to make the trip.

Retail test manager

I applied for a job at LNER recently for 'Retail Testing Manager'. Based on my understanding of the job spec (which was very vague) it would involve responsibility for all the LNER retail systems. This would most likely include the web booking engine, ticket machines, app as well as the systems used on-board and in the ticket offices. It may also include the EPOS systems used by the catering teams.

The GWR Pullman

It's almost taken me a year to write this review of the last time I travelled on the GWR Pullman. If you enjoy dining on board a train then the GWR Pullman is one of the few fine dining experiences you can get on the National Rail network. All the Pullman services are normal scheduled trains and operate Monday-Friday except during public holidays.

DH part 3 - Questions

Part 3 - some questions I've been asked in the past about Save East Coast Rewards

DH part 2 - The future

Part 2 - a look at the direction I hope to see LNER take in the future and also the future direction of Save East Coast Rewards

DH part 1 - About me and SECR

Part 1 - a look at the beginnings of Save East Coast Rewards


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