UPDATE: This offer was from 2016 but it's still worth downloading the Virgin Red app as they regularly feature offers. Also keep an eye on our VTEC sale page for current & future offers as well as the latest promo codes.

This blog post has been updated - previously there was a 20% off Virgin Trains East and West Coast offer. The September offer gives you 30% off East Coast, there's still a 20% off West Coast showing up for some people too.

The Virgin Red iOS app launched recently and the train related offer for September is 30% off Virgin Trains East Coast and for some users a 20% off Virgin Trains West Coast offer will also be available.

The purpose of Virgin Red is to showcase offers within the Virgin Group and also partner offers, they have a system of earning points which unlock vaults that contain the better offers (the offers along the bottom of the screen don't need any points). You earn points by interacting with the site, the idea presumably is to get you visiting every day to see any new offers. The 30% off East Coast offer is contained in the first vault which is very east to unlock.

An Android version is in the works and at the moment there's no plans to support other platforms such as Windows Phone. The instructions to take advantage of the offer are:

  1. Download the "Virgin Red" app from the App Store
  2. Sign up for an account, you will earn extra points if you complete your profile in full and add a profile picture.
  3. The East Coast offer is showing as locked in vault 1, the West Coast offer will appear along the bottom if it's been offered to you. 
  4. To earn points take part in the daily quiz and enter any competitions that are available along the top of the screen. You will also earn points by sharing with your social networks (only one batch of points per day)
  5. If you've newly signed up you'll likely earn enough points to unlock the East Coast vault on the first day, if not come back the next day when there's a new quiz.
  6. The East Coast discount comes in the form of a promo code. You must then visit the following link in your desktop browser www.virgintrainseastcoast.com/VirginRed30 (it won't work on mobile).
  7. Please note there's a bug in the site that means the discount may not show if you're logged into the site, therefore it's peferable to view the site logged out and then log in when it's time to pay.
  8. You must book at least 7 days in advance to get this discount.
  9. Railcard discounts do appear to apply in addition to the 30% off.
  10. The process for booking West Coast tickets with 20% off is different but it is explained within the app.

I'm not sure how this scheme will evolve, hopefully they'll keep up interesting offers in the future.

Other offers - 3000 Flying Club Miles

There's another offer in the app you may find interesting, 3000 Flying Club miles. Unfortunately only for those who've not yet signed up to the scheme. If you want somewhere to deposit your points that's not Nectar now could be the time to sign up. There's also a free alcoholic drink in the Euston first class lounge for anyone who's travelling Virgin Trains.