UPDATE: I've noticed this page has suddenly become popular again, but this offer was from 2015. Keep an eye on the VTEC sale page for current & future offers as well as the latest promo codes.

Virgin Trains East Coast are offering 30% off advance fares through a promotion callled 'Flirty 30'. If you didn't receive the email about it I've provided all the details needed here.

Key points

There's a number of major dates excluded from this promotion. Excluded travel dates are 19 December 2015 to 3 January 2016 inclusive, 12 to 21 February 2016 inclusive and 24 to 28 March 2016 inclusive. If you're not seeing the discount this could be the reason why.

Due to a bug in the site you may not see the discount if you're logged in. So if you're logged in we advise you log out first. You can then log in again at the payment phase.

This is Virgin Trains East Coast only, no other operators (including Virgin Trains on the west coast) are participating in this particular offer.

How to claim this offer

Go to this special page on the Virgin Trains East Coast website

Enter your email address and the promotion code: FLIRTY30 (all uppercase, no spaces).

If the offer is still valid you will be taken to the booking page.

Common issues

My discount is not showing: check that you're not booking during the dates the offer is not valid (see 'Key points' above). Also ensure your train is operated by Virgin Trains East Coast. A small icon VTEC will appear next to trains operated by Virgin Trains East Coast.

How do I know a discount is applied? There will be a cross icon next to the discounted fare. +

I still don't feel very rewarded! Blame Nectar! We used to have the best loyalty scheme in the UK, now it's been replaced with Nectar. We advise you don't add Nectar to your Virgin Trains East Coast profile and support our campaign to reintroduce a decent loyalty scheme. It may be worth looking at the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club option instead.