At Save East Coast Rewards we try to keep an eye on offers that appear to help save you money on East Coast travel, we then let you know when these offers are available. Occasionally Nectar runs offers on Virgin Trains East Coast and most of the time they're underwhelming but this current offer may appeal to you if you're travelling on the route from Doncaster or Leeds to London. 

The best news: you DO NOT need to be a Nectar cardholder or collect points to take advantage of this offer. If you want to encourage Virgin Trains East Coast to reintroduce a decent loyalty scheme we suggest you remove Nectar from your profile.

The offer is 50% of standard or first class advance fares on trains from London - Leeds or Doncaster or the reverse route. There's no limit to the number of tickets you may buy UPDATE: some people are now experiencing restrictions limiting them to one purchase, although if you buy all your tickets in one transaction it should go through.

Please note: due to a bug in the site we advise that you're logged out of the Virgin Trains East Coast site before clicking these links. After loading the fares you can then log into your Virgin Trains East Coast account.

  1. Click the appropriate link:
    For LEEDS click here
    For DONCASTER click here
  2. Enter the email address used for your Virgin Trains East Coast account and the promotion code which is NECTAR50 (all uppercase)
  3. Continue the booking process as usual, the discounted fares are clearly indicated. Please note that the offer only applies if you select London and either Leeds or Doncaster depending on the link selected. If you need connections you'd have to book them separately
  4. Optional: Enter "Save East Coast Rewards" when asked about the reason for travelling
    [Purpose of travel]

Closing date: current closing date is 23 June 2016 for booking, once booked you can travel later. If you notice the offer after the closing date it may be worth a try anyway in case the offer is extended. Someone experienced the promotion saying it had expired before the closing date, fortunately that was just an issue with the site and was rectified.

Our view

We're disappointed they chose to run this offer through Nectar and as Nectar is only targetting certain customers the offer isn't even being sent to all cardholders. Fortunately most of the time although Nectar make targeted offers they're generally available to all if you know the details.

Using Nectar to target this offer means they're forgetting those who choose not to participate in this scheme or have chosen to collect Flying Club points instead. When the loyalty scheme was in-house (East Coast Rewards) they could run offers that targeted their best customers as well as encouraging occasional customers to travel more. Many people are not happy giving their personal data to Nectar (Aimia Coalition Loyalty UK Ltd) as their whole business is to profit on your personal data and spending habits, the reward they give you in return for this data is so small that it's not worth bothering with.