The closure of East Coast Rewards means an indirect increase in the cost of rail travel for users of the scheme. Have you stopped to think how much worse off you may be?

It's simple, have a look at how many free tickets you earn in a year and then see how much it would cost to buy these tickets. Last year I travelled enough to get 4 free first class tickets. These were used on the route London - Newcastle. Picking a random day a month ahead travelling off peak had fares for £79.40, there were a few poorly timed journeys for less and many for more but a reasonable number of trains were available for this price (including services with award availability).

This would mean paying for these 4 tickets would have cost £317.60. That means, for Rewards members, the cost of travel has increased. Some people may pay this extra money, others may just travel less frequently or make the journey by another means.