We've started a competition we called #BetterRewards the first competition was to win £20 worth of Foodbar vouchers (great if you like Hop on Board) and the current competition is to win a first class return anywhere on the East Coast Mainline (a link to the most recent competition can always be found here).

Why do we do this? Competitions are a good way of raising awareness and we want as many people as possible to see what a poor deal Nectar is. We also draw comparisons with Nectar in the prizes, for example our first prize was worth £20, to earn the equivalent value in Nectar you'd need to spend £2000. As for a free first class return ticket you'd likely need to spend over £10,000 at Nectar partners to get anything similar.

The prizes so far have been funded through delay repay vouchers that we have built up. If the prize draws help draw attention to how poor Nectar is and further our aim for #BetterRewards then we're happy to do so, after all we have all benefitted from the excellence of East Coast Rewards in the past.

We hope you enjoy the competitions but please let us know your feedback. The easiest way to get in touch is through Twitter or alternatively send us an email.