For the moment we're experimenting with automatic ad placement on this site. This is where Google Adsense places the ads in the most optimum location. We'll be monitoring it over the next week or so to see whether they're more obtrusive, they may appear in some odd places to begin with.

In the blog 'Why we have ads on this site' (basically we don't make much off them but they cover our website running costs and also give us the chance to run the occasional prize draws).

We'll monitor the site over the next week or so, if you have any feedback please contact us.

You may also have noticed we have switched our site to SSL (https:// and the padlock should be visible in your address bar). From a user side there's not much difference (as you don't have to log into this site to view content) but it means we can securely log in and add content easier. Also it allegedly improves search ranking with Google so hopefully it may get us listed more prominently.