Tuesday 13 October was the day that VTEC held their first management conference. In typical Virgin style they took what would usually be a serious, but potentially boring, event and added fun to it. Nectar tried to win them over by sending cake, something we already done months ago. The most amusing part of the cake was the slogan "What a sweet partnership" something we disagree on, switching to Nectar was a major cause of annoyance to many customers and has destroyed a lot of loyalty and has the potential to continue to do so. Some people may not be aware how poor Nectar is and will only discover in the coming months when they check to see how many free tickets they've earned and discover the answer is zero.

Bound for Nectar cake

The Bound for Glory guy had the right idea, turning his nose up at the Nectar cake.

On Twitter Nectar are launching a campaign #10xBetter asking people to Tweet "My life would be #10xBetter if..." as East Coast Rewards is proven to be at least ten times better (and often significantly more) than Nectar this seems like a great opportunity to send a message to Nectar.

The easy way is to click our Tweet #10xBetter buttons at the top and bottom of this article. However if you want to send your own message just do the following:

  • Ensure that #10xBetter and @Nectar are included in your tweet. Let them know what you think about the switch to Nectar.
  • Optional: Include a link to saveecrewards.co.uk if space permits, you may want to also include @Virgin_TrainsEC

Let's send a clear message that we still don't consider Nectar as an acceptable rail loyalty scheme. Let's use their hashtag to make sure the most people see our message.