I spend way too much time in Heathrow Airport these days and as someone who likes to collect points I have a Heathrow Rewards card.

The card gives you points for everything you buy at Heathrow (except in the Post Office and Louis Vuitton) this includes the bars and restaurants as well as the shops so if you expect to spend money in the airport it's worth getting. You can also get points on the Heathrow Express.

You usually get a bonus for signing up which is sometimes increased if you are referred by an existing member (so contact us if you need a referral).

There's also regular offers. The ones at the time of writing are:

- Up to 4x points on Apple products. You get Double points when you spend £350 - £699.99 Triple points when you spend £700 - £999.99 Quadruple points when you spend £1,000 or more From 29 March to 30 April 2018.

- Double points on food and drink. Up to 22 April 2018

- 50% bonus transferring miles to KrisFlyer (nothing to do with ^KM, it's the name of the Singapore Airlines loyalty scheme)

- 2000 extra Heathrow Rewards points by making a hotel booking through Rocketmiles before 31 May 2018

What use are points?

If you're a frequent traveller you can convert your points into miles with a wide range of airlines including British Airways and Virgin Atlantic.

Otherwise if you prefer you can use your points towards discounts in the airport shops, money off car parking, the Heathrow Express or discounts on airport lounge passes.

The benefits may not be amazing but if you're using Heathrow anyway you might as well collect the points.