There's quite a few variances within our team, never mind within our larger group of supporters. We all agree the East Coast Rewards was far superior to Nectar and that it was a big mistake signing a contract with Nectar without consulting their passengers. Even if rewards couldn't continue in its current form they could have modified the scheme to fit their needs.

Apart from Nectar many of us have been quite happy with VTEC, others think it's pretty much the same as East Coast and others have been disappointed at the removal of the online discount and are finding it harder to find cheaper fares. Some are also unhappy if they get the set that's being leased from East Midlands Trains as it's not as comfortable as the regular set, but this is supposed to be a temporary measure.

So whether you love everything else about VTEC but the loyalty scheme or you're not so keen on them either you can still show your support for Save East Coast Rewards. 

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