#NectarLifestyle and #NectarLifestyleChat

On 3rd September Nectar are running a chat in the Nectar Savvy Lifestyle series. The theme of the chat is travel.

If you don't believe Nectar is a terrible deal have a look at the No to Nectar travel section. It shows it's not just East Coast Rewards but Nectar is poor for all travel needs.

We thought this was a good opportunity to both voice our dissatisfaction to Nectar and also hope other Nectar customers looking out for tips will see them too.

If online between 12:00-13:00 on 3rd September please use the hashtag #NectarLifestyleChat so they're part of the live chat.

If online at any other time please use #NectarLifestyle and then your messages should appear on the Nectar Savvy Lifestyle page after a delay (anything from a few minutes up to an hour).

Sample messages

Ideally you can make your own for a more personalised experience, but if you've not got the time or ideas to come up with your own feel free to copy and paste any of these into Twitter.

#NectarLifestyle first you take our Rewards, then Sainsbury's halves earning. Travel has never been so unrewarding.

#NectarLifestyle we'd not hate you as much if you divorced VTEC and we could get our Rewards back!

#NectarLifestyle which savvy individual thought @nectar was good for travel, no one I hope! Do your research.

#NectarLifestyle East Coast was rewarding, VTEC added @nectar and suddenly I'd #FeelCheated - Say @NoToNectar

#NectarLifestyle my business travel used to earn me Rewards points to go away with my family. Now I've got a KitKat!

#NectarLifestyle from shopping to travel, Nectar is the worst in class - see @NoToNectar notonectar.com

#NectarLifestyle forget about @Nectar if you're a savvy traveller, learn how to maximise your miles at @HeadForPoints

#NectarLifestyle @nectar has to be one of the least generous loyalty schemes around and the app is unusable