Insulting is a term many former East Coast Rewards members use to describe Nectar and the patetic promotions they've offered us to travel on Virgin Trains East Coast. Here's some of the more memorable insults:

Surprisingly Sainsbury's Bank Travel Money has a Nectar offer even more insulting than any of those offered by Virgin Trains East Coast. 

How many Nectar points could I collect?

The number of points collected is based on the value of the currency ordered. Note that points may take up to 60 days to appear on your account.

Transaction value Points collected
£0 - £249.99 5
£250 - £499.99 10
£500 - £799.99 20
£800 + 50

As Nectar points are usually valued at half a pence each the most you'll earn (if you convert £800 or more) is 25p worth of points. If you're only going for a short trip and only want to take a small amout of cash you'll get even fewer points.

Even for the most committed Nectar fan this is beyond pathetic and means you should only consider getting your holiday cash from Sainsbury's if they offer the best rate. You could almost certainly do better by shopping around.