Today, Monday 4th January 2016, is a bank holiday in Scotland and not England this is because Scotland get two days off for New Year and as the 2nd was on a Saturday it was carried forward to the Monday.

As it's not a holiday in England today will be the first day in the office for many people in 2016. Those travelling to work on Virgin Trains East Coast this morning in first class were probably looking forward to their complimentary breakfast.

However, there was no hot breakfast just the weekend offering. Those asking why were told that it was because it was a bank holiday in Scotland. Of course this has no relevance to most people as even if they were travelling from Scotland it was a good chance that they were commuting to an office in England.

I had hoped to get an official statement on this but nothing has been forthcoming so far so I decided to do some research of my own.

I used the web archive to look at the Christmas pages of East Coast to see what they did in the past and it turns out they did exactly the same thing. So it's not a case of Virgin making cutbacks, it's a case of them carrying on as usual. Hopefully they will revise this offering in the future. It should be noted that Virgin Trains West Coast and Great Western Railway are offering a normal weekday catering service in first class today.

East Coast were probably able to get away with it last year as the 2nd January was on a Friday so a lot of people probably took this day off. But as the Scottish bank holiday fell on a Monday this time it's likely a lot more people started work on this day.

Going back even further in 2012, the first full year of the complimentary catering offering, normal service didn't resume until Wednesday 4th January.

Going back even further to GNER days when catering was provided by an on-board restaurant it says breakfast would be served on selected trains on the 2nd and 3rd of January but the full restaurant service would not resume until the 4th.

I thought it was worth publishing this so that it shows that this was not a cutback, but I do believe a full catering offering should be served today and I hope this is something Virgin Trains East Coast rectify in future years.