UPDATE: although I still feel it was a big omission excluding first class fares I have found a silver lining. There's some exceedingly good fares for relatively short journeys (for example Newcastle to York, Berwick or Edinburgh or London to Peterborough or Grantham). For example you can do Newcastle to Edinburgh for £10.85, this would make a great day trip or Newcastle to York for £6.30.

I'm certainly no fan of Black Friday but I do enjoy travelling VTEC and can't resist a bargain.

So I was looking forward to this EPIC sale...

It was easy enough to find the URL before it was announced virgintrainseastcoast.com/blackfriday and on the face of it 50% off sounded like a pretty good deal.

Only issue in my eyes is first class is not included. I think that's a big mistake, without rewards there's no way for people who usually travel standard class to treat themselves to first class every so often, but a cheaper deal would attract people into trying first class.

It makes good sense to include both classes in a discount, otherwise those that always travel first class will feel left out and those who usually travel standard are less likely to upgrade as the gap between fares is much larger than usual as first class isn't discounted.

A much better sale was the 'Yeah Baby' sale earlier this year. It was a fixed price sale (rather than a percentage discount) and had both first and standard class fares available.

The image below is from the email sent out about the Yeah Baby sale, it was much better...

Yeah Baby sale