The best way to sum up our YouTube policy is we do not have one! Our official social media channels are Twitter and Facebook. Our YouTube channel is currently just a mix of random content, just like this blog section content may be off topic but any content relating to Virgin Trains East Coast will get posted to this site.

Here's some of the things we've used YouTube to showcase:

The terrible app

Bugs in the website

The needlessly complicated ticket machines

Some shaky videos of lounges

Video creation isn't my strong point, but after seeing a decline in the facilities in the first class lounge at King's Cross I decided to put a video together to show around the lounge. Things have improved since this was filmed about a week or so later soft drinks had returned and the coffee machines were fixed.

As I was flying from Heathrow a few days later I decided to compare the lounge at King's Cross with the lounge at Heathrow you can access with a British Airways gold card. Although as I said in my write up the expectations of a railway station lounge are not as high as you're likely to spend less time at the station I thought it was a good way to show one of the benefits airlines give to their frequent flyers (I was flying economy that day so wouldn't have had access to this lounge if I weren't a frequent traveller).

Taking Everyone to Amazing

A member of VTEC staff sent us this promotional video early in 2017, it gave us hope for the future, all the great things that were planned. We decided to release this to the public when it became apparent that the new eCommerce platform was going to be a let down. It's more for historical interest than anything else really.

Stagecoach on the future of the franchise

We archived on this site the video of Stagecoach Chief Executive Martin Griffiths with his side of the story on the ECML franchise. We placed it here in case Stagecoach decided to remove the original as it was recorded at a key point in the history of the franchise.

Internal style guidelines

Probably a minority interest but we have the VTEC internal style guidelines and they're here if anyone is interested!

Feel at Home

An ad for East Coast Rewards

In the future...

The plan is to add here anything we get in video form. This will mostly be VTEC, but other travel related stuff will also be posted. Don't expect quality editing, just some crudely put together travel videos.

If we get over 100 subscribers (low ambitions, but we'll take it as a sign people are interested) we'll spend more time on the production quality, do some videos highlighting the great scenery on the ECML and maybe give me an excuse to try the Highland Chieftain for the first time having breakfast from Inverness.