VTEC Seat Sale

UPDATE: the sale has also now been sent out to Virgin Atlantic Flying Club members, I received one at 13:30 today, this still meant that those who are signed up to Nectar had a few hours head start as they were notified of this before the sale started. The former East Coast Rewards members who aren't signed up to either scheme have received nothing so far. Also worth noting the Virgin Red 20% discount offer is still running.

Today (Monday 24 August) Virgin Trains East Coast launched their first seat sale, but you may not have received an email from VTEC regarding this sale, the social media team have been very quiet (but will acknowledge the sale if asked) and there's been no promotion on the home page of their website.

We expect this to change by tomorrow (Tuesday), so why are they being so quiet today?

It appears that they have a 24 hour exclusivity agreement with Nectar (this also appears to have been extended to Flying Club). 

Nectar cardholders were informd via their app and member offers page of the sale before it started (although we were also aware and mentioning it early via Twitter). Traditionally it was East Coast Rewards members who got access to the sale early. Although Virgin Atlantic Flying Club members who had their number linked to their VTEC account alse received email notification on Monday this still meant Nectar cardholders (and our Twitter followers) had a few hours head start over those who thought they could rely on VTEC to keep them informed.

Nectar 24 hour exclusive VTEC sale

Let's be clear you do not actually need to have a Nectar card to book today (in fact we recoomend you don't use it as they use the number of people adding their Nectar card number to their profile as proof of the popularity of the scheme) the exclusivity has only applied to their marketing.

Follow @SaveECRewards on Twitter and we'll make sure you know if there's any hidden offers in future that you can take advantage of.

Follow this link to book tickets in the VTEC seat sale.

Spread the word so that everyone who wants to book is aware of this sale.

If you want to know why Nectar is such a bad idea we suggest you explore this site, in particular the Rewards v Nectar section and if you agree with our campaign sign our petition.