Our No to Nectar site has mentioned before the excellent deal the ticket booking site redspottedhanky.com has with Tesco Clubcard, the deal is £2.50 of Clubcard points is worth £5 when booking rail travel through their site. The only drawback is the £1 booking fee so we only advise booking there when you have Tesco vouchers to redeem.

Amusingly enough you can now also indirectly spend your Tesco Clubcard points for bookings on the Virgin Trains East Coast (VTEC) website and you need to spend half the amount in Tesco to get the same discount as you'd need to spend in Sainsbury's!

With Nectar 5000 points = a £25 e-Voucher. In Sainsbury's since the April devaluation you need to spend £5000 to earn the e-Voucher.

VTEC have now made it possible to convert Virgin Atlantic Flying Club points to e-Vouchers. The rate is 6250 miles for a £25 e-voucher.

You can convert Tesco Clubcard points at the rate of 250 Tesco Clubcard points = 625 Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles.

This means to earn the 6250 miles needed you'd need 2500 Clubcard points, that's £2500 spend which is half the amount needed for Sainsbury's.

What does this mean?

It's more proof Nectar is a joke of a scheme! You'd expect that being a Nectar partner Sainsbury's would be the logical supermarket to shop at if you wanted to save money on rail travel. However, convert your Tesco Clubcard points to Virgin Atlantic and then to VTEC vouchers and you only have to spend half as much.

It's still not as good as the deal of converting your points to redspottedhanky.com where 2500 Clubcard Points would be worth £50 off your travel (and the redspottedhanky deal is for any rail operator), but if you also earn Flying Club miles through other means and don't have enough to redeem on flights then this is worth looking at. Also if you want to select your seat you will need to book on the VTEC website.