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The latest submission is about what it's like to work at VTEC.

To say a little about VTEC. I personally was sceptical but slightly positive when they took over the East Coast main line, there were lots of new people out showing their faces and saying hello to us all. 

It quickly went down hill from there, gimmicky posters and patronising emails we're not children and I've heard passengers say they'd like to rip down those posters. Everythings "Amazing" and "Red Hot", you're not fooling anyone there. Setting out their plans for the future of on-board and station grades they haven't worked with us to define the new grades (including many new management grades...MANY) and in many cases given no extra training or instruction and between that and how they've handled the pay talks

They've shown themselves completely to have their heads in the sand and if they'd worked with their staff and not fought against them or utterly demoralised them then we could have all worked together to create a quality railway and why, I and many feel, they find themselves in their current predicament. They won't listen to any staff that's been on the line for any length of time, almost treat us with contempt and we know they'd like most of us gone, we've actually even heard that they've said that to new starters! 

Most of us are in utter dismay most of the time that they are as incompetent as they are of running a railway, they just go to awards ceremonies and pat themselves on the back for things like the Travel buddy app (1.3 stars on the Play Store) or catering (or lack of sometimes)! #cateringlottery .....I mean have you seen the chicken wrap, it should come with a warning, "this wrap may not contain chicken"

The current management and pretty much every grade and department are currently running around not knowing what the other ones doing, in short the place is an absolute SHAMBLES, we're being run by people that have no railways background or the ones that do act like they don't and it's just really, really not working. I personally enjoy the job I do and consider myself as working for the passenger, it pains me to think of who I actually work for!