When Virgin Trains East Coast announced they were scrapping East Coast Rewards and replacing it with Nectar they also mentioned that earning Flying Club miles was another option. They have made the ability to earn Flying Club miles more prominent as they realised no one was particularly happy with Nectar and although Flying Club wouldn't suit everybody it provides more intresting redemption offers (we really need to write an article about making the most of Flying Club). 

However it seems every time Nectar has a promotion Virgin Atlantic Flying Club gets left out. The only time I recall a Flying Club promotion it only applied to your first transaction in the promotional period and not all of them.

We hope in future this is addressed and Flying Club will run promotions in parallel with Nectar so users of Flying Club do not miss out.

Of course neither scheme is ideal, the only scheme that was designed to cater for the rail traveller was East Coast Rewards, but while Flying Club is the only alternative to Nectar we need to ensure it's not treated like a 2nd class citizen.