Unless you use an ad blocker you've probably noticed some ads on our site, we try and put them in places that don't interfere with the content.

So why do we have ads? We neither aim or expect to make a profit running Save East Coast Rewards but the ads also ensure we do not run at a loss. We use the ads to cover the costs of running the site, also, in the early days, we also used some of this income for our own advertising to make people more aware of this campaign and the drawbacks of VTEC switching to Nectar.

We don't make much from these ads but there's normally a surplus left over which is why we run occasional competitions. The number and value of the prizes tends to vary depending on the left over revenue at the time.

Sometimes you will get an unusual ad on the site, like recently I saw a Nectar ad on here. It's nice that they're playing a small part in funding our existence!