There's a competition called #VOOM 2016 (formerly called 'Pitch to Rich') where people submit pitches to a public vote, and the top teams then get to pitch their idea to a panel of judges, including Richard Branson. Recently some of us have been thinking of ways that we could use technology to improve loyalty schemes and also make it easier for the small business to have something more sophisticated than the stamp card. We were also frustrated at the likes of Nectar holding back progress by refusing to have their loyalty card on a smartphone and thought it would be great if we could put together a solution for small businesses that takes full advantage of modern smartphones and therefore gives the small business an advantage over the more cumbersome larger schemes. We also hope it would act as a prod to make the larger schemes improve too.

This has been a bit rushed, we've only just thought of the idea and then noticed that VOOM had a submission deadline of the 10th May so we decided to get a basic pitch on there and will refine it over time.

Click here to view our pitch.

To help us get our opportunity to pitch to Richard Branson about what makes a good loyalty scheme and the chance we can implement a BetterRewards system for small businesses please click the vote button on our pitch page.

If we get enough votes we could do our bit to improve loyalty programmes in the UK.