Most of you know you can get WiFi for free if you book direct on but if you have to book tickets through a different site for work or someone else bought your tickets it's possible you don't have a WiFi code. Add to that the fact that the new VTEC website is incomplete and is missing features such as bike reservations and catering vouchers there's a number of reasons why you might want to book elsewhere.

If you don't get free WiFi then you have to pay for it onboard which is £5. Fortunately you never need to pay that as you can just buy an extremely cheap VTEC ticket to generate a couple of WiFi codes for £1.30

Here's what to do:

  1. Go to
  2. Search for a day return Edinburgh-Haymarket, to get the lowest price (as you're not using the ticket anyway) select railcard and "Jobcentre Plus Discount Card" (gives 50% off rather than 33% most railcards give)
  3. Select the option in the top right corner "Virgin Trains Only"
  4. Select a train outward and return, ticket type "Off-peak day return"
  5. Double check that the confirmation page mentions WiFi vouchers
  6. But ticket and you will be emailed two WiFi codes, you don't need to collect the tickets as you're not using them

[VTEC booking site]

Please be sure that you've selected two Virgin Trains East Coast journeys otherwise you won't get the WiFi vouchers.

If you only want one WiFi voucher you can buy a single instead for £1.10 but remember that unused codes can be used in the future so it's usually better to get the two.

Info correct at time of writing, this could change at any time without warning. Use this advice at your own risk.