The (not as) disappointing (as I thought) Black Friday sale

UPDATE: although I still feel it was a big omission excluding first class fares I have found a silver lining. There's some exceedingly good fares for relatively short journeys (for example Newcastle to York, Berwick or Edinburgh or London to Peterborough or Grantham). For example you can do Newcastle to Edinburgh for £10.85, this would make a great day trip or Newcastle to York for £6.30.

I'm certainly no fan of Black Friday but I do enjoy travelling VTEC and can't resist a bargain.

So I was looking forward to this EPIC sale...

If you want Nectar points...

UPDATE: Hull Trains is no longer part of Nectar. GWR and TransPennine Express remain part of the scheme.

Compared to rewards scheme we used to have Nectar is a rubbish scheme. Even compared to other supermarket schemes it does not perform well, as we show on NoToNectar. However, if you collect Nectar points because they're 'better than nothing' you really should be booking all your rail travel through a FirstGroup site.

The HackTrain

First of all I'd like to apologise on behalf of Save East Coast Rewards to those organising the first HackTrain event in March. March was the first month of operation of Virgin Trains East Coast and there was a lot of anger that they scrapped an excellent rewards scheme and replaced it with one of the worst in the UK. At the time it felt like VTEC were ignoring us and our Twitter followers who are regular travellers on the East Coast route, we genuinely thought that scrapping the rewards scheme was going to be the first of many cutbacks.

Hop on Board

new ale was added to the Virgin Trains East Coast Foodbar menu towards the end of 2015, it's called "Hop on Board" and has been available since Monday 19th October. It's been a long time since we've had bottled ales on East Coast trains, GNER used to offer a guest ale but they scrapped it around 2003 citing lack of demand (they never did anything to promote it).

Eurostar: Nectar v Flying Club

When Virgin Trains East Coast mentioned they were switching to Nectar some people asked me about Eurostar redemptions, these seemed poor to me as Nectar has a £10 booking fee for Eurostar journeys so you'd need to spend £12.50 in points to save the first £2.50.

Let's look at each in turn:

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club has fixed mileage rates for Eurostar trips, these rates are:


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