Virgin Trains: be bound for confusion!

A recent (now deleted) tweet from National Rail Enquiries said during a recent incident where the east coast mainline was blocked:

#Stevenage Virgin Trains East Coast passengers are no longer permitted to use Virgin Train [sic] services

This is because Virgin Trains is the name of the operator of the west coast mainline and owns and @VirginTrains - it is operated by the Virgin Rail Group which is 51% owned by Virgin and 49% by Stagecoach.

Another nail in Nectar's coffin - Homebase pulls out!

It's not really news now as it was announced a few days ago but the new owners of Homebase have decided to pull out of the Nectar scheme at the end of the year. If they withdraw from the scheme successfully that could see others pull out too.

There's signs currently in stores saying that it will be no longer possible to earn or spend points in stores after 31 December 2016.

Android Pay launches today, but Sainsbury's still lags behind

Today (18 May 2016) Android Pay launches in the UK and I believe this is a great thing for mobile payments in the UK. One of the main benefits of mobile payments is security as fraud is reduced by the retailer not getting your actual card number.The BetterRewards article Apple Pay - if you can you should addresses the reasons why it's better to pay with your mobile, it was based on Apple Pay but the same reasons also apply to Android Pay.

Free WiFi (if you book direct)

For all journeys from 16 May 2016 onwards Virgin Trains East Coast are offering a free WiFi code if you book your tickets direct. This is only in standard class as WiFi is free to all in first class. If you've booked your tickets already you should still receive a WiFi code via email. This only applies if you book your tickets direct on


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