It's competition time!

Win an East Coast First Class Return with #BetterRewards

This competition is now closed and the winner is @pjdscott. Look out for a new competition coming soon.

It's competition time again and this time the prize is a first class return on the East Coast Mainline. You have the choice of Virgin Trains East Coast, Grand Central or Hull Trains for your trip.

The competition will run to the 29th February 2016 (it's a leap year!) and the winner announced on the 1st March (the 1st anniversary of Virgin Trains East Coast).

The competition is called #BetterRewards as we want to highlight what a poor deal we're having with Nectar and highlight what a decent loyalty scheme was like. Assuming the first class return ticket would have cost £100 you would need to spend £10,000 with Nectar to get a free return ticket (2x first class singles), with East Coast Rewards you'd have only had to spend £920 (or £614 if you purchase first class tickets) to get the same reward.

The prize is valid anywhere on the route network of these three operators. With many amazing places to visit on the East Coast Mainline you'll have plenty of options.

You're able to have multiple entries in this competition. Keep an eye out over the coming days for more ways to enter.

Entry 1 - Retweet our competition message

The first way to enter is to retweet our competition message (and follow us if you don't already). You can do this a maximum of once per week for an entry (you can retweet more often but only once per week will count as a distinct entry). Our first tweet is embedded below, but for subsequent entries just check our Twitter feed.

Entry 2 - Share our Facebook post

If you're on Facebook pop over to our Facebook page and share our Facebook post about the competition. If you haven't already then also ensure that you like our page so we can get in touch if you win.

Entry 3 - Where would you go?

To get another entry all you need to do is tell us where you'd like to go if you win the prize. This choice is not set in stone, if you do win you can change your mind.

The Tweet must consist of the following to be counted as an extra entry:

  • Contains the hashtag #BetterRewards
  • Contains the Twitter username of the train operator you'd like to travel on
    • Virgin Trains East Coast: @Virgin_TrainsEC
    • Hull Trains: @Hull_Trains
    • Grand Central: @GC_Rail
  • A link to the competition main page:

If you have space in the tweet feel free to add extra information.

An example valid Tweet would be: If I win the  first class tickets I will take  and Visit Newcastle 

Send a Tweet automatically

Click on one of the Tweet buttons below and edit the text to show your favourite destination. These are only examples, it's not a complete list, you can choose any destination served by these operators

Virgin Trains East Coast


Grand Central


Hull Trains


Can't find where you want to go? Simply click on one of the Tweet buttons, a Twitter box will then pop up where you can edit the text to put your destination of choice.

Entry 4 - Spread the word

For those with their own blog or website here's a chance to earn an additional entry into the draw. Simply place a link to the competition either within an article or on a prominently placed list of links and as long as we get five or more unique visitors to the competition page from your site (as determined by Google Analytics) you will get an additional entry plus every 50 subsequent visitors from your site will earn an additional entry. Please link either direct to this page or and to be sure of the extra entry send us a message on Twitter with a link to your posting so we know which sites you're responsible for.

Why promote the competition? If the competition is a success it means we'll run more in the future and the larger the number of entries the better the prizes are likely to be in the future. 

Entry 5 - Share the poll

Another entry can be earned by sharing our poll. Just visit the poll page and click the Tweet button at the bottom of the page.

Spot prizes

In addition to the main prize some random spot prizes will be given out over the next few weeks. These are small prizes picked at random and may include gift vouchers and merchandise. If you win we will contact you directly and see if you want the prize. Note: accepting a spot prize does NOT affect your chances of winning a main prize. To be eligible for a spot prize you must have performed two different entries in the list above.

Other ways to enter coming soon, check back every day

The rules

  1. This competition is open to all Twitter users who follow @SaveECRewards or Facebook users who like the Save East Coast Rewards Facebook page. Only restrictions are those that are known personally to the contributors to this site are not eligible to enter (i.e. friends, family and colleagues of contributors can't enter).
  2. The tickets must be booked at least two weeks in advance, tickets will not be available to/from London in the Monday morning or Friday evening peak periods.
  3. The prize is for two first class singles (that can make up a return) anywhere on the route networks of Virgin Trains East Coast, Grand Central or Hull Trains. If preferred the two singles may be used in other combinations, such as two people travelling one way on the same train.
  4. Winner will be announced by Twitter direct message or Facebook message on 1st March. The winner will have 3 days to reply confirming acceptance of the prize. If they refuse the prize (or don't reply) another winner will be drawn.
  5. The prize will be distributed to the winner in the form of an e-ticket if it is available on this route, the winner will need to print out this ticket before travelling.
  6. The winner will need to provide real name and email address for the delivery of the e-ticket (or postal address if e-ticket is not available). This information will not be retained or published.
  7. Winner must consent to their Twitter username or Facebook name being published on this website and our Twitter and Facebook pages. No additional publicity will be required, although it would be nice to hear where you go with your ticket.
  8. This competition is run for the purpose of raising awareness of the Save East Coast Rewards campaign. It is not affiliated with Virgin Trains East Coast, Grand Central, Hull Trains or the Virgin and Stagecoach groups.
  9. This prize is worth the equivalent of 920 East Coast Rewards points or 20,000 Nectar points assuming the ticket is worth at least £100.
  10. Tickets must be booked by 30 September 2016.
  11. There will be multiple ways of entering this competition, the individual requirements for each entry are listed separately.