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Win a £20 Foodbar voucher (closed Sunday 7 February)

If you're a winner of this competition you will receive 5 Virgin Trains East Coast catering vouchers worth a total of £20 on board Virgin Trains East Coast services for use in the Foodbar or standard class trolley. If you only travel first class the vouchers can still be useful if you're travelling on a weekend when hot food and alcohol is not available in first class.

What we need (send this as a DM over Twitter, ask us to follow you if necessary):

  • An address to send the vouchers to
  • Your preferred start date (the vouchers are valid for 3 months but if you're not travelling for a while it makes sense to get them started closer to when you intend to travel)
  • Confirmation that you're happy for your Twitter username to be listed among the winners

If you think you'll be unable to use the prize or decide not to claim it can you please let us know as soon as possible and we'll do another draw. 

The vouchers are usable for anything sold on-board on the trolley or in the Foodbar, have a look at the menu here. The vouchers are worth £5 each, no change is given but any extra can be paid with cash or credit card. You can use any number of vouchers at one time, so if you want to use the whole £20 in one go you can or you can spread them over multiple trips (they're valid for three months).

You can also buy these vouchers from Virgin Trains East Coast operated ticket offices, online and from Virgin Trains East Coast FastTicket machines. A £5 voucher costs £4 so they're worth buying if you know you're going to be purchasing food on board. Have a look at our article about these vouchers,