How worse off are you after a year of Nectar?

East Coast Rewards points calculator

Since we discovered Virgin Trains East Coast planned to scrap East Coast Rewards and replace with Nectar we have highlighted how Nectar is a poor alternative but now we've been without East Coast Rewards for over a year we've created a calculator to show how much worse off you are.

Simply enter the amount you spend on rail travel either monthly or annually and the calculator will show you how much more rewarded you would have been if East Coast Rewards hadn't been replaced with Nectar.

Spend period: Monthly Annual

Standard class spend (£):

First class spend (£):

Season ticket (or travel agency) spend (£):



Over the course of the year you would have earned 10000 points, this would have got you:

  • 25 First Class single tickets valid anywhere on the East Coast Route
  • 3 First Class lounge passes or 24 hour on-board WiFi access
These rewards would have an approximate value of £1,277.

Now East Coast Rewards are no more, this spend would have earned 20000 Nectar points worth £100.00 at most Nectar partners including Virgin Trains East Coast.

With Nectar you are now approximately £1,177 worse off for loyalty benefits than with East Coast Rewards

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How we work out the value of East Coast Rewards

As Nectar does not offer free travel and instead offers you money off it's not possible to compare the two schemes directly. Therefore we have to put cash values on each reward. So we've assumed a standard class single is £25, a first class single is £50 and a lounge pass/WiFi access is £9 (WiFi is charged at £9.95 on board, and a lounge pass is the only way to get into the first class lounge on a standard ticket). As the rewards tickets were available to use throughout the East Coast route it is possible to get more value out of them than shown, making Nectar an even worse option.