This was a job vacancy advertised by LNER during August/September 2018. The text below is directly copied from the LNER recruitment site and has not been altered in any way.

Retail Testing Manager

Do you know what software and hardware testing is?

Do you want to be responsible for this?

Do you fancy doing it in a high profile environment with some pretty impressive systems?

If you’re answering no to the above, you may need to be looking at our other opportunities!

If you’ve answered yes on – we may have just what you’re looking for!

Our retail systems are responsible for completing hundreds of millions of pounds in sales, and it’s therefore imperative that they work a treat! To ensure they run smoothly, we need to test them thoroughly, and test any changes we make.

Working with our Retail Business Operations Manager and Retail Technology Manager, you’ll have the autonomy to deliver testing for both our current and any new software and hardware.

This will involve testing a range of systems in use by the LNER, and thus there’ll be plenty of variety to keep you interested! Plus it’s an important role within the business, and thus you’ll gain a huge amount of pride from ensuring that our LNER retail estate performs effectively.

But this is more than just ‘doing what’s been done before’. You’ll have the opportunity to develop a modern and automated approach to testing our retail systems, exploring options around automation of testing for our digital retail properties.

You’ll also manage the LNER retail testing lab, working in conjunction with both your Retail and IT colleagues to maintain an efficient lab.

You don’t need to be from a railway background – what’s most important to us is your ability to shine in a Systems Testing role. That said, if you have worked in rail, we won’t be put off by this!

Initially a stand-alone role, there are plans and budget set aside to recruit a Retail Systems Tester during the course of 2019, to grow out this function of LNER, thereby supporting the ‘testing’ (get it?!) requirements of our business.

Final salary pension scheme. Free Travel on LNER services - for you and your dependents. 75% discount on all other Train Operating Companies leisure services. 50% discount on tickets purchased for friends and family. Salary sacrifice child care vouchers. T&Cs apply