SeatToad competition

Every so often we run a competition, usually along the #BetterRewards theme. This time we're using a SeatToad theme.

What is SeatToad?

It's a parody of Seatfrog, the app that allows you to upgrade certain Virgin Trains East Coast trips in an on the day auction. It's not without its flaws, read our first impressions. The aim is to highlight what a joke the VTEC eCommerce strategy is, they launch a website with missing features and then start publicising gimmicks such as Seatfrog that also don't work well. They've forgotten the basics.

The competition

The competition prize is either £16 in eVouchers which can be used towards any train journey in Great Britain or £20 in VTEC catering vouchers (they cost £16 to buy but are worth £20 on board).

To enter simply follow @SeatToad and retweet any of the competition tweets such as...

Closing date: Sunday 26 November 2017


  1. The eVoucher will be available for any National Rail booking engine that supports gift vouchers. You can book with all rail operators in Britain on any operators site.
  2. If you choose the catering vouchers these will be sent to you.
  3. No one associated with the Save East Coast Rewards campaign or @SeatToad can enter.
  4. You have 24 hours to accept the prize from being notified by direct message. If you don't accept the prize will be allocated to someone else.
  5. To be eligible to win you must follow @SeatToad and retweet a competition Tweet.