If you have been following our campaign on Twitter then please can we ask for your help today! 

At 8pm tonight Virgin are running their Virgin Disruptors live event. They've inviting people to join the conversation using the #VirginDisruptors hashtag.

Our idea is simple, we want to use this hashtag during the event to highlight ways that Virgin are not listening to their customers. The Virgin disruptors event is all about employee wellbeing, listening to what people need and then acting on it. 

Unless it makes your tweet too long we suggest using both the #VirginDisruptors and the #MakeVirginListen hashtags.

Why Virgin?

Although they don't hold the majority share of Virgin Trains East Coast, we all know that Virgin like to be seen as the company that listens and acts on customer feedback. We think its important to highlight that the newest member of the Virgin family, Virgin Trains East Coast is not doing that and is so far ignoring the needs and concerns of their most loyal customers.