A Christmas bonus - £5 insult

A Christmas insult!

You may have received an email from Virgin Trains East Coast offering 1000 Nectar points as a "Christmas bonus" if you book a ticket before the 10th December 2015. It might sound generous but 1000 Nectar points are only worth £5 and if East Coast Rewards had still been around you would have been significantly better off.

East Coast Rewards gave you real benefits for frequent travel. Even with the £5 bonus you'll be significantly worse off compared to the old scheme.

£255 of rail travel used to get a free ticket anywhere on the East Coast route, now it's only worth £2.55 in Nectar points. So a frequent customer user to earn several free tickets as a reward for their loyalty, now they only get 1% back and the occasional bonus.

We can do better but only if we reject Nectar. If you've added Nectar to your profile please remove the card from your profile. A few pennies in rewards as "it's better than nothing" just acts as an endorsement for the scheme. If we refuse to participate in it then eventually loyalty will become more rewarded.

How to help

If you currently collect Nectar points through Virgin Trains East Coast please remove the card from your profile. If you still want to collect points as they're "better than nothing" then book through a FirstGroup website as, unlike Virgin, they will give points on all rail travel regardless of operator.

You can find out more about booking through other websites and other ways to spread the word on our how to help page.