1000 signatures

Our petition passes 1000 signatures

Thanks to everyone involved in making our petition pass 1000 signatures. This shows that this is an issue many strongly care about and we're sure there's many more we've not reached yet that feel the same.

So if you've not signed the petition just yet please do so and also share it with family, friends and colleagues that may have also benefitted from the scheme.

The petition intends to achieve two things: 

  • It publicly shows that Virgin Trains East Coast are not listening to their customers - something that they claim to build their business on, and even more importantly they are ignoring their most loyal customers.
  • It also has given us some strong examples of what East Coast Rewards meant to many people though the excellent comments that have been left on the petition. East Coast Rewards has brought families closer together, benefitted tourism by encouraging members to take breaks on the East Coast Mainline, made long distance relationships easier and got people out of their cars.

A lot of members of East Coast Rewards were surprised how good it was. Signing up for the scheme was so simple, no card numbers to remember all you needed to do is tick a box to opt in when registering for East Coast. As our comparison charts show even if you switch all your shopping and fuel buying to Sainsbury's, sign up for the Nectar credit card and also shop with other Nectar partners you're STILL going to be worse off. Why should a rail loyalty scheme try and influence your wider shopping habits while not doing much to encourage rail travel?

For us, this is just the start. We are going to continue the campaign, and we still very much need your support to share the petition and keep spreading the word. We are so pleased that we have received some press coverage as this has helped to boost the campaign, and helps us to put more pressure on Virgin Trains East Coast to respond to all of your comments, and review their decision about the rewards scheme - the campaign will not end until we all get some proper answers and customers concerns are addressed.