Out Social Media Strategy

Our Social Media Strategy


Since March the support for this campaign has grown beyond expectations, we have a number of volunteers who all want to see the return of East Coast Rewards. We need to ensure that our primary Twitter account focuses on the core of our campaign, but still have an outlet to discuss other East Coast and general issues.

So from Tuesday 7th April 2015 our Twitter accounts will be structured as follows:

@SaveECRewards will concentrate on the core campaign. There may be the occasional mention of the other accounts when appropriate, particularly during the transition phase.

@YourEastCoast will be where everything else that was previously discussed on this site will go. Typical topics include on-board services, Virgin's marketing campaigns, fares and general information

@NoToNectar our new social media campaign directly targeted at Nectar. First we lose our East Coast Rewards, now Sainsbury's halves the earning rate. Travel has never been so unrewarding.

Save East Coast Rewards is non-political. We have supporters from all the major parties, so although we all have different beliefs about how the rail network should be run, we all believe that East Coast Rewards is a loyalty scheme worth campaigning for. Having separate Twitter feeds means that we can focus on the core message.


For the moment 'Save East Coast Rewards' will remain our only affiliated Facebook page. There are other Facebook pages around that are covering other aspects of Virgin Trains East Coast. We will keep this decision under review.

As the Facebook page is still relatively new it'd be great if you could like it and share to increae awareness.

Other Social Media

We concentrated on Twitter as that's where East Coast was most popular (and that's still the case with Virgin Trains East Coast), the only other significant following was on Facebook and we got that covered in March.

That's not saying if you'd like to help us get going on other social media platforms we're going to say no! Of course not! We'd love more ways to spread the word. Contact us if you can help in any way.


We're all volunteers and we all have our different styles. If you have any feedback on our approach it's most welcome and we will take all feedback on board. Contact us if you'd like to leave feedback.

Supporting us on social media

Since we started the campaign, a huge number of you have been really supportive of what we are doing on social media, and have voiced your complaints to Virgin Trains East Coast through their Facebook and Twitter feeds. We really want you to continue with this and there are a few things we wanted to let you know about:

  • Please continue to post your own personal experiences of rewards directly to Virgin Trains East Coast. Its really important that you do this as they need to understand how it impacts customers directly, so keep up the good work!
  • Sometimes, their own social media team have either hidden or removed posts that we have made, despite being assured they would only do this if they are offensive or illegal. With this in mind, its even more important that you all post your views to them so that our collective voices are heard
  • We absolutely do not condone spamming their Facebook page, however it is really important to raise awareness of the campaign as there are many rewards members that might not be aware of just how poor the new deal is and we need to try and reach them with your help
  • Please remember to be polite to their social media team - they are the same team that worked for East Coast and its not their fault that we lost rewards, so please don't swear at them or be rude. We are sure they would like rewards to come back too! 
  • As some of you may be aware, you can email David Horne, Managing Director of Virgin Trains East Coast directly if you want to. David is also active on Twitter and you can follow him @DavidHorne. David is always very approachable, but again please can we remind you not to be rude or aggressive to him. From our understanding, the decision to scrap rewards was taken before David was appointed so if you do make contact with him please bare this in mind. We want him to remain approachable and open to feedback!