• Change.org 900 signatures
    In less that a month of being active our petition has hit 900 signatures.
  • change.org 225 signatures
    Our petition gained 225 signatures in under 48 hours
  • Change.org 300 signatures
    300 signatures were not far behind
  • Change.org 400 signatures
    A few days later we'd passed the 400 point
  • Change.org 500 signatures
    500 seemed like a good achievement, but we weren't stopping there
  • Change.org 750 signatures
    Fuelled in part by the success of No to Nectar weekend we reached 750

Two months of VTEC, 900 signatures

Virgin Trains East Coast will be two months old tomorrow and so to celebrate we show our journey to 900 signatures on our petition. The petition was started at the beginning of April and was launched just before our new website. By the time of launch the petition had already gathered 225 signatures and was on track to hit 300. The success of No to Nectar Day pushed us towards 750. Now at the end of the month we're over the 900 mark.

If you've not signed the petition please do so (if you're not sure why there's many reasons on this site), if you have already signed the petition then thank you. Could you please share the petition with friends, family and colleagues. Post a link to it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other social platform that you use. If you have a blog or other personal website please post it there. The easy to remember link (which will direct you straight to the correct petition on change.org is saveecrewards.co.uk/sign).

Our aim is to get past the 1000 point as soon as possible. Your support will make this possible.

Press Coverage

We would like to thank the Daily Mirror for being the first national newspaper to cover the campaign. They discovered the campaign without any approach from ourselves so it shows we're getting noticed. Have a read of the article "Travellers demand cheaper tickets and Rewards back" and share it using the links provided on that page.

As word spreads about what a poor deal Nectar is it will be harder for Virgin Trains East Coast to defend their decision to go with Nectar. Let's see if there's any change on the horizon over the next few months.

Thanks to our many supporters, we couldn't have done it without your help.