#Nexit - Why VTEC need a referendum to leave Nectar

It was a bit of fun on Twitter just asking whether Virgin Trains East Coast should either leave Nectar or remain with Nectar and the poll showed more than 90% of people thought they should leave Nectar.

Now the EU Referendum is over and done with we're wondering whether Virgin Trains East Coast would like to give their customers a chance to listen and hold their own Nectar referendum. Let the people have their say on what is a pathetic excuse for a loyalty scheme. As you could imagine we'd be supporting #Nexit - Virgin Trains East Coast to LEAVE the Nectar scheme.

Team #Nexit

If Virgin Trains East Coast decided a #Nexit was the right thing to do they'd be in good company. Here's some other companies who have found #Nexit the best choice for their business.

Why #Nexit?

Take back control

Companies that run their own loyalty schemes can offer better rewards to their customers. Take a look at the loyalty scheme East Coast used to offer before Virgin Trains East Coast took over. In most cases Nectar is 10x worse than East Coast Rewards in the benefits offered.

'Coalition' loyalty schemes such as Nectar are poor by nature - find out why.

Close your borders

Nectar's business model is based on monetising all personal data from each of its members, the list of Nectar partners they share data with is huge and is their main source of income. We think you should be more in control of who has access to your personal information. The amount of data collected is not proportional to the rewards given.

Be better off

Enter you rail spend in to our Rewards Calculator and see how worse off you are with Nectar.

The remain argument - #ProjectFear

They don't have one! We've asked long time Nectar fan and member of the Virgin Trains East Coast Twitter team ^MS to give the reasons to remain. We're still waiting, don't think he has any...