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We've had a number of changes over the years on the East Coast mainline. Virgin Trains East Coast have already reintroduced bottled ales (GNER used to offer a bottled guest ale until 2003 and Virgin Trains East Coast introduced Hop on Board) and are in the process of bringing customer relations back in house.

Although we all miss East Coast Rewards is it the thing you'd most like to see return?

So what would you most like to see make a return? Below the poll we explain the options in more detail.

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East Coast Rewards: most of us knew it well, the best loyalty scheme in the UK. Read how it compares to Nectar.

Online discounts: originally this was 10% on bookings made direct through the website although after the launch of East Coast Rewards in 2011 the discount became 'up to 10%' and was frequently just 2%. It did mean that booking direct was always the cheapest option.

On-board restaurants: before the catering was made complimentary in first class a number of trains had an on-board restaurant. This was available whether in standard or first (although first class had priority), you could have a full three course meal with more options than the complimentary offering. Meals were not complimentary unless you purchased a ticket that included a meal voucher. The only train company that now offers a restaurant on-board is GWR, to get an idea what an onboard restaurant can offer check out the menu.

GNERtime: GNER's loyalty scheme was aimed at high spending customers and offered a great number of benefits for those that qualified.

Standard Plus: for a short time GNER had a Standard Plus carriage (or half carriage) on selected trains. Standard Plus was offered to those passengers who purchased a Standard Open (now called Standard Anytime) ticket. The Standard Plus carriage provided complimentary tea, coffee, juice and water, as well as biscuits plus an improved at seat service if you wanted to order anything else.

Free WiFi in both classes: WiFi has always been free in first class but National Express also made it free to standard class from day one of their franchise. East Coast reintroduced the charge for WiFi in standard in 2010 as they believed network speeds were being impacted with too many people using it. Would free WiFi work now or can the mobile networks still not handle the demand?

Combined sleeper/VTEC tickets: GNER used to have a ticket type called the 'Scottish Executive' which is different to the ticket of the same name today. The GNER version was valid one way on a GNER service between London and Scotland and the other direction on the Caledonian Sleeper. It was first class both ways and included a meal voucher for each leg. 

Improved weekend first class service: before the complimentary service was introduced in 2011 it was possible to order anything available from the Foodbar at your seat in first class. Now on a weekend the complimentary offering is more limited (no hot food or alcohol) and it's no longer possible to order anything else from the Foodbar at seat. If it's not possible to offer a full complimentary offering on a weekend they should at least allow you to purchase items at seat.

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