The 'Bound for Glory' ad campaign ended in 2017 and was replaced with one called 'Spandau v Speedcore' where they compared travelling by train with either driving or flying. The train was associated with Spandau Ballet and relaxation but the car/plane was associated with speedcore and was supposed to give the impression of a stressful experience.

This ad campaign then disappeared for a while and had become 'Spandau v Thrash Metal' which is probably because someone pointed out associating flying/driving with speed was probably not the impression they were after.

Also in 2017 it seemed that VTEC were trying way too hard to live up to the Virgin image. With the new web booking engine saying 'Wahey!' whenever you managed to booking anything to emails telling you how awesome everything was it seemed a bit over the top. Getting the balance right is important, some people will love this approach but others will find it irritating. Before 2017 the marketing emails didn't see as much in your face.

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