Virgin Trains East Coast (VTEC) have now been the operator of the InterCity East Coast franchise for two years, taking over from the state owned East Coast on 1st March 2015. We're taking a look at how VTEC has performed over the last year in the following areas:

Customer relations

One of the most positive developments last year was the announcement that customer relations was going to be brought back in-house after it had been outsourced by East Coast in 2011. The new contact centre opened in July 2016 and they have recently launched a new recruitment drive to increase the size of the team.

Will this improve the service provided to the customer? It's too early to tell, there's still a backlog in dealing with delay repay but hopefully increasing the size of the team will help with this. We would hope to see a better service as a result of this as VTEC will have more control over the service provided to their customers. 

If anyone has any experiences with the new customer relations team please contact us with your experiences.

The Delay Repay claim form now has the option to have your compensation paid direct into a bank account rather than by cheque or rail voucher. This will be useful as cheques can be a hassle for many of us. 

Hopefully this change to delay repay will encourage more people to claim, as the website now makes it even easier with these changes and passengers rightfully should receive compensation when the service is delayed. 

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