Website upgrade/reservations bug

Discovered bug 30 August 2017, not sure if it affected versions prior to this. If it did exist previously it might explain why a higher number of people than usual seemed to complain about missing reservations recently.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Book a journey that's exclusively VTEC only (so that the super off-peak discounted tickets are available)
  2. If you're given the offer to upgrade to a more flexible ticket (NOT an upgrade to first class, but a flexible ticket in the same class) accept the offer
  3. Click on the button to reserve seats

To get an upgrade offer you need to select a service that's close in price to the super off-peak ticket. See the video for an example.

Expected results:

Seats should be reserved in both legs.

Actual results:

Although the reservation box for the upgraded leg is still checked and greyed out (as it was originally an advance so you can't opt out of a reservation) you only get a reservation on the leg that remains an advance ticket.

If you then try and edit the reservation you will notice the checkbox for the upgraded leg is now unchecked, but if you check it and then request a reservation you will see that it doesn't go through.

If you then go back to the search page and select the same trains again but this time don't choose the upgrade you can select seats just fine. Some people may consider not being able to select their seat as a downgrade even though the ticket is more flexible.

Note 1: to be clear 'upgrade' in this context is upgrading a standard advance to a super off peak ticket. It's not a class of service upgrade.

Note 2: if you select Super off-peak from the search place to begin with, rather than upgrade to it then you can select a seat (if you check the box requesting it)

Video timeline

00:05 - 00:10 - selecting journeys in the journey planner. Notice advance tickets have been selected for both legs, on the outward the fare (£65) happens to be close to the super-off peak discounted fare (£65.90), the return leg has a much higher difference in price.

00:10 - 00:13 - check there's an upgrade offer to upgrade to a more flexible service, not a higher class. Check the box to upgrade the leg and then click the upgrade button (after all for 90p more why wouldn't you?).

00:13 - 00:20 - notice that the boxes to reserve a seat are both checked and greyed out, this is because this was originally an advance fare so reservations are compulsory on those tickets

00:20 - 00:26 - click the button to reserve seats, notice in the results only the return (not upgraded) leg seems to be reserved

00:26 - 00:36 - click the view seatmap button, notice that it claims that reservations are not available on the outward leg, but full seatmap functionality is available on the return leg

00:36 - 00:50 - click the edit preferences button, notice that the outward leg is no longer checked, so click it and then reserve seats again. Notice that it's still not possible to reserve a seat on this leg.

00:50 - 01:05 - repeat this procedure again to confirm that it wasn't a one off glitch

01:05 - 01:38 - go back to search, select the same trains again, this time decline the upgrade and confirm that it's possible to select a seat on this service